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Boracay is the jewel of the Philippines! White sand beaches, sunny, warm temperature the whole year and an amazing nightlife. And for our greatest pleasure, Boracay is also the best kitesurfing-spot in Asia!  Come share our kitesurfing paradise and enjoy ideal conditions to learn or improve your kitesurfing skills. Boracay is small piece of paradise in the middle of the Philippines. A 10 km2 island offering perfect conditions for kitesurfing on one side (Bolabog beach) and a white sand paradisiac beach, protected from the wind on the other side (white beach). Boracay got elected most beautiful island in the world in 2012 !! This is what also makes the destination so enjoyable for everyone… if your friends or better-half are not kiting, they can still enjoy the island and have a great time without having to wait for you on a windy beach with sand flying. The nightlife of Boracay is also a highlight of the trip. Every taste should find satisfaction. Romantic diner, cool live concert, chill-out bar, reggae concert or wild parties in bars and discos are some of the choices you have every night! The island offers many different activities like golf, diving, excursions to different islands, windsurfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, fishing, mountain biking, horse riding and so much more. You will never want to leave the island. Come and fall in love with this magic place!

Google Rating

Peak Windy Season

January, February, March, April, November, December

Ideal Wind Direction

North-East, East

Suitable Kiteboarding Styles

Freestyle, Wakestyle, Big Air, Downwinders

Water Quality

Crystal Clear

Water Hazards


Beach Type

Sand, Grass

Beach Size

Narrow, Long

Kiter Popularity

Very Popular With Kiters

Public Popularity


Discovery Level Course

This is a good introduction if you want to give kitesurfing a try and see how addicted you get. You will learn the basics of wind direction and learn how to pilot the kite with easy exercises. Course duration: 2 hours in group (usually 2 people) or 1.5 hours single, 3300 php

The most popular option for beginners. You will learn all the basics of safety, kite set up, kite flying, bodydrag in all directions and start the most exciting part... Getting on the board and ride !! By the end of this course you should be able to do short rides to one or both sides. You will then become an independent kiter and be able to learn on your own or take an advanced course for a fast learning curve. Course duration: 12 hours in group (usually 2 people) or 9 hours single / 2-3 days, 21000 PHP

Intermediate Level Course


Advanced Level Course

Become an advanced kiter in 5 hrs! An experienced IKO instructor will guide you step by step and teach you how to ride upwind, change direction and even do your first jumps! Perfect for riders who can do short rides but not ride upwind or who want to start to jump. Max. 2 students, course duration: 7 hours if the kite is shared or 5 hours if each student has one kite / 1-2 days Cost of the course: 12500 PHP with our gear or 9500 PHP with your own gear This package of 5 hrs is to become IKO level 3. But if you do not want to do the full 5 hours, you can also follow this course on a per-hour basis. One hour is 2500 PHP euros with our gear or 1900 PHP with your own gear

Instructor Speaks

German, English, French, Polish, Russian, Filipino

Professional Affiliations

(IKO) International Kiteboarding Organization


Discovery Course, Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course

Course Administration

Private Classes, Group Class (max 2 students)

Total Number of Instructional Hours

10+ Hours of Instruction

Total Number of Instructional Days

3 Days of Instruction

Equipment Brands & Years


  • Person Francois
  • Address Bolabog Beach, Aklan Province 5608, Philippines

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