The purpose of this website is to crowdsource, with help from the international community, information relevant to the decision making process regarding who, what, where and when to go to any particular country, beach, resort, etc, for kiteboarding/kitesurfing.  Why we kiteboard is not in question – everyone involved in this amazing watersport knows the why.



Collectively we have a tremendous amount of information about kiteboarding destinations: holidays, accommodations, beaches, etc.  KiteTripAdvisor offers a simple way for each of us to share what we know with the greater community.  If you have (or know of) a holiday package, accommodation, school, beach or special event to offer the community, and it is not yet listed here, please take a moment to submit a listing.



The peer review system is a tried and tested method for verifying the authenticity of web published information, and expanding upon the finer details at the same time.  The more feedback we share as a community the better informed we can be when using kitetripadvisor.com as a resource in the decision making process.  If you have experience of a particular holiday package, accommodation, school, beach, or special event that is listed on kitetripadvisor.com please take a moment to leave a review.



There is no better way to help this mission succeed than by sharing what you find here.  The success of kitetripadvisor.com depends upon contributions of specialized kiting services, skills, experience and knowledge from you – our global kiting community.  The total value provided by kitetripadvisor.com will be, in part, measured by the total number of contributions from the community – and that, in itself, will be dependent upon the general web-awareness that kitetripadvisor.com has in the international kiteboarding community.  This all goes without saying, but thought to say it anyway.


New Beginnings.

If you read this far THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about what we are doing here.  The launching of kitetripadvisor.com is also a dream come true.  This is the launch of an entrepreneurial idea.  From initial, simple, campfire conversation through to development and release, much has been pondered, specialized learning undertaken if required along the way, a thousand problems solved (or worked around).  Of course, the site is far from perfect, and it will be improved upon with feedback from the community.  But, now it is time to fly this kite…


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: