KiteTripAdvisor was initially conceived over campfire conversation. After a day kiting, retiring to beachside campfire, we would talk about the greatest kite destinations of the world.  What kiteboarders have not?

“Where have you been kitesurfing around the world?” I would ask. “Where is your favorite spot for kiteboarding, and why is that one your all-time fave?” And then my favorite question, “If you could go anywhere, anywhere in the world to kite, where would that be?” As a beginner to the world of kiteboarding, pumped up on the natural high of big wind, and smooth speed, gliding across the water, and finding flow, I was ever so excited to probe my kite buddies, to draw upon their knowledge and experience.

Even just trying to figure out where all the local Ontario kite spots were located required constant questioning, and Google mapping, and driving, exploring, discovering. But, in the back on my mind I also wished there was a website that contained all this invaluable collective kite travel and destination wisdom – where the location could also be pulled up, and once confirmed, would also lay out the directions for getting there.

We kiteboarders have special needs. We need the wind, of course. And, we have preferences for the water. Some like it flat & shallow while others want to surf the kahunas.  When travelling we want accommodations close to the beach, big beaches with lots of space, and all of this in a land that invites and welcomes our kitesurfing kind. We may want jet-ski support and lifeguards too, or the confidence that kite repair and equipment rental will be available, and instructors too. We may also want to be surround by other kiters in the downtime, around the bar, to share exciting stories about new highs, flying overpowered, saving runaway kites, or rescuing our buddies.

When we arrive there may be amazing secret spots we would love to kite in too, if only we knew where they were!  For example, did you know, in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba, nearest the Sercotel, where the bridge connects to the Cayo, if you kite down to the bridge, then get out of the water and with kite still flying overhead, cross the bridge, watching out for traffic, then when you get to the other side the water is as flat as glass – not a ripple – flat as glass waterways carving zigzags through the mangroves. There is so much we can share with one another about great spots, and how to make the most of them.

Plus, there are the global resorts, the AirBnBs, the special kite events, and then there are the specialized holiday kite packages and catamaran trips that also offer to bring us into a new world, sometimes off the beaten path, operated by kiters for kiters. When we want to take off and hit up a new destination how can we begin? What sources shall we seek as part of our decision-making process? Admittedly, there are other really great kite travel websites available (I found them now). A few offer local kite spot info ( or global kite holiday package getaways ( So, there are web resources to call upon. But, certainly, not a lot of them.

So, here for the kite community is another kite travel destination offering – KiteTripAdvisor – built with the latest tech, filled with tons of cool features like Google map directions and Street View panoramas and amazing YouTube banner videos; inquiry forms, a review system, star-ratings. Plus, a compare feature that allows you to compare one listing against many others (up to 5 easily). This is just the beginning. There is more to come!

There is no cost to list anything. The community account will always be free – KiteTripAdvisor is my way of giving back, contributing to one of the greatest sports in the world and to the supportive community which has given me so much over the years. Now it is time to fly this kite.

Special thanks to Trevor Smith, Gerhard Marsch, Irene Efston, Michael Goodman, Stefan Proell, Berk Kadakgil, Guy Lancaster, Andre & Jeff Leclerc, Hugo Vallee, Maxmim Fortin, P Enrique Corzo, Erin Loscocco, Erick Yoon, Jan & Alina Mackow, Lee Sousa, Gerardo Casco, William Walseth, Sofie Schlagintweit – Cavalluzzo, Kyrie Manson, Trevor Ash, and all the other kiters met along the way who shared their passion for kiteboarding and helped, in one way or another, support and create the KiteTripAdvisor initiative.

Now get out there and fly that kite!