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LAGOON CITY on the West side of Lake Simcoe is another kiteboarding MECCA in Ontario.  The water is shallow, flat, and wams up very quickly in the spring.  In the summer we can kite with just a t-shirt and shorts.  Incredible kite sessions are topped off with beautiful sunsets, across the lake, on the edge of the horizon.  Most importantly, this sublime kite spot is relatively close to Toronto, only 1.5 hours drive.

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Peak Windy Season

April, May, June, July, August, September, October

Ideal Wind Direction

South-West, West, North-West

Suitable Kiteboarding Styles

Freestyle, Wakestyle, Big Air

Water Quality


Water Hazards

Rocks / Stones

Beach Type


Beach Size

No Beach (Waterstart Only)

Kiter Popularity

Very Popular With Kiters

Public Popularity

A Few People Widely Spaced Apart

Arrival by Car

1.5 hours drive from Toronto. Use Google Maps for optimal directions.

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