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Adventure Kite Camp offers you a unique stay experience at the well famous Mediterranean Open Sky Museum, DjerbaHood.

Either you are a Kite surfer looking for the perfect place and club to enjoy the sport in the Island of Dreams, or an adventurous person that wants to discover the charm of our beautiful island, then Adventure Kite Camp is the perfect choice for you.

Authentic yet lively, our guest house will give you the ultimate Djerbian life experience.

Since being built in 1710, the house remained with its initial look: A true masterpiece of traditional Djerbian Architecture that never faded away.

The authentic guest house is composed of 3 separate suites:
-BAHRIA: Composed of a private shower room, a small living space and 2 separate double beds in separate private areas, there is a possibility to add an inflatable mattress, a sofa or a baby crib.
-CHARGUIA: Composed also of a private shower room, a small living space and one double bed.
-GUEBLIA: Like the previous suits, it has a   private shower room, a small living space too and a double bed.
Possibility to add an inflatable mattress or a baby crib to the two previous suites.

Aside from these suites, there is another independent room in the 1st floor of the house called EL GHORFA: It is composed of 2 separate single sofa-beds and a small living space.

Being not only in an authentic and artistic place where you can freely interact with the friendly locals, our guest house is so close to El Ghriba, The Ancient and Magnificent Jewish Synagogue.

A unique experience awaits you! 

Owner/Property Manager Speaks

German, French, Arabic 

  • Person Marwen Hawari
  • Address Djerba Hood, Tunisia

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