What is a listing?

A listing includes information about any kiteboarding accommodation, catamaran/sailboat cruise, holiday package, beach/spot, school or special event. Listings are global, from everywhere on Earth.

Who can submit a listing?

Anyone can submit a listing. Account registration is required. If you’re reading this then you probably have kiteboarding information to contribute. Please join and contribute to the collective.

What listings can you compare?

This is an experimental feature – and depends of authors submitting complete information via checkboxes on the submission form. You can compare any listings, but it really makes sense to compare like with like. So, for example, compare holiday packages side by side, or schools side by side, or beaches side by side, etc.

How do you compare listings?

The compare feature is very simple, and with 3 easy steps you can see which listings are best for you. First pick from two to five listings you would like to compare. It is best to compare like with like. So, for example, compare holiday packages with other holiday packages. Second, on each listing click the little comparison symbol (which looks like two horizontal arrows). Third, click the compare button. On the comparison page you can click the X to remove listings. At anytime you can add more listings too. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is!

What can you compare about listings?

This is just a small sampling of what is available for comparison. The best way to find out is to try it for yourself! For Accommodation listings you can compare room amenities (i.e. is there a safe?), services (i.e. is the 24 hour front desk?), internet (is there free in-room internet?), Cuisine (i.e. is there a vegetarian option?), distance to kite beach (i.e. is it a beachfront property, or do you have to walk 20 mins to get there?), etc. For School listings you can compare course administration (i.e. at this price how many students in each class?), number of hours (i.e. at this price how many hours of instruction are received?), etc. For Beach listings you can compare the peak windy season (i.e. which months of the year are the best for kiteboarding at that beach?), average water depth (i.e. is it less than 2ft deep?), etc.

What is a review?

A review is additional feedback submitted, by any registered user of KiteTripAdvisor.com, about any listing in the database. If you have any experience about any listing you’re highly encouraged to add your own review – as reviews are critical to the collective wisdom with which all of us can make better decisions in the future.

What is a verified listing?

A verified listing has been created or “claimed” by a business owner who has submitted additional information to the KiteTripAdvisor.com administrators. A verified listing is awarded a green checkmark (visible on the listing’s banner image) Admins, to the best of our ability, have confirmed the accuracy of the listing’s contact information (email, social, phone numbers, etc), the physical address of the business, and the legitimate ownership of the listing, etc. The verification process helps to ensure that your investment of time and energy into KiteTripAdvisor.com will be rewarded with an optimal user experience. Since anyone can submit a listing for a business, school, or special event, the verification badge is a very important additional step that business owners should undertake in order to provide our website visitors with confidence and support their decision-making process.

How do I get my listing verified?

Verification requires providing specific documentation to prove the existence and ownership of your listed business. In order to be verified you must first “Claim” your listing – at which time KiteTripAdvisor.com will contact you with a request for further information. The option to claim a listing is available on the listing’s banner image, on the right, next to the title. Look for a little checkmark and the word “Claim”.

How do I claim a listing?

If you are the rightful owner of a business listing on KiteTripAdvisor.com then you can choose to “Claim” the listing. The option to claim a listing is available on the listing’s banner image, on the right, next to the title. Look for a little checkmark and the word “Claim”.

Is KiteTripAdvisor.com a travel or booking agency?

Not at this time. You can not book or pay for your holiday/accommodation/school/etc through KiteTripAdvisor.com. However, where available, you can use our inquiry forms to contact any business listing’s owner for further information about how and where you can book and pay for the advertised service.

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